West Cork Motorcycle Club Membership

Benefits of becoming a WCMCC member

membership– Members will receive race entry forms for ALL club events before forms are sent or released to the general public (members must provide a valid email address).

– Members will stay in the loop about club happenings as they regularly receive the dedicated newsletter.

– Club text alerts advising of all upcoming events.

– Discounts and reduced entry fees for all club events. Members can expect to save an average of €10 per event. Last year alone the club hosted one drag race, two hillclimbs and two grasstracks which means that members saved over €50 if they attended all of the club’s events.

– Access is given to a large network of enthusiasts with a passion for and lots of insight into the sport of motorcycling. There is an evident sense of community within the club’s network and lots of access to helpful and interesting resources regarding motorcycle culture.

– Developing skills and knowledge surrounding the sport and maintain a unique lifestyle and hobby.

Adult Membership

Adult memberships are for those over the age of 18 and the fee is €30/person for full senior membership.This membership offers full benefits and offers exclusive to members. Proof of age and identity may be required.

Under 18 Membership

For students and those under 18 years of age, the fee is lesser but so is the access. Those under 18 have a few more restrictions but can still join the club for €10/person.

Family Membership

The WCMCC does also offer a special family membership package for families with 2+ motorcycle enthusiasts! For only €60/household, families who all reside at the same address have access to membership benefits. This means that up to 4 people can be paid for with one fee. However, note that associate members (the non senior members) do not have voting rights.

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