Motorcycle Safety

motorcycle-safetyTen safety tips for new riders:

-Invest in good brakes. Antilock brakes or other similar systems help make sure your bike is safe and fit for racing.

-Hone and know your skills. Practice makes perfect. Take courses, read articles, practice. Do everything you can to be the best and safest rider. There are many courses and safety courses offered that are quick, affordable and some can even be done online.

-Use your helmets. Casual road driving on a bike is already risky, add racing to the mix and a helmet becomes even more important and crucial. Statistics prove time and again the importance of a good helmet that fits properly and is worn consistently.

-Wear the right gear. Biking requires safety gear to protect from wind, bugs, debris and road rash in the event of falling. There are many reinforced jackets, pants and gloves designed specifically for motorcycle riders. The material matters, especially depending on the weather. Never forget head and eye protection, as this is crucial to avoiding and mitigating injury. Remember to choose colours that will not blend in and prevent others from seeing you.

-Be defensive. Look out for other drivers, stay alert and scan often, especially when racing

-Avoid bad weather. This goes without saying. Weather can impede vision and can cause seriously dangerous conditions. Do not be over confident as the weather is out of your control.

-Watch for road hazards. A motorcycle has less contact with the pavement than a car. This means that, especially when off road racing, there is a much higher chance of accident. Be aware of the terrain and how to properly and safely maneuver through it.

-Check your Bike. Do a full circle check before even turning the bike on. Make sure it is ready to ride. This includes tires, mirrors, seat, brakes and regular safety tests as well.

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