Motocross Racing

motocross-racingMotocross is next to synonymous with road racing, but rather with bicycles. Motorcycles in a motocross race do so on a closed circuit. These circuits are made of anything that’s not tarmac, including dirt, sand, mud and grass and the natural feel of the circuits include a level elevation and elevation changes which can be either natural (depending on the materials used) or artificial. As time has progressed, so have motorcycles – with incorporation of more advanced technology. Suspension is something that is a huge focus, and improvement on motorcycles over the past decade has led to the addition of jumps to circuits. Airborne bikes make for a more adventurous and interesting race for both bikers and for the audience.

Another element that sets motocross apart from road racing is that starts are done en masse, meaning that the riders start and ride alongside each other. There can be upwards of forty (40) riders who race into the first corner, and there are occasions where there is a separate award for the first biker getting through this. Generally speaking, the winner is he or she who cross the finish line first, typically after a pre-determined time or number of laps, or perhaps a combination of both.

Motocross has different classes and levels depending on the type and displacement of the bike. For example there are spate races for 50cc 2-stroke youth machines and for 250cc two-stroke and 450cc four-stroke. Different races are also separated by the age of the competitor, the skills and abilities of a competitor, their sidecars, quads and/or ATVs and sometimes even the age or make of the bike/machine. Races and rules differ from place to place and can be researched by the contestant before entering or considering participating. Riders are required to wear helmets and other gear for their own safety.

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