Hill Climb Racing

hill-climbing-is-a-sportHill climbing is a sport that is known worldwide for its challenging and competitive nature. It is not a sport for the weak hearted or for those looking for friendly competition, it is intense and difficult. Hill climbing is also referred to and known as speed hill climbing or speed hill climbing. This version of motorcycle racing involves competing in a timed race on an uphill course.

Hill climbing, interestingly enough, is one of the oldest and most well-known forms of sport. The first recorded and known hill climb was held in France in a small town named La Turbie, located just outside Nice. This race was held somewhere around January 31 1897. Despite France’s entitlement to bragging rights regarding the first ever race, the longest running annual hill climb is actually held in Worcestershire, England. The race has been going on since 1905 and is still staged on its original course.

The hill climb has since evolved from motorsport with cars to involve and include motorcycles as well. This is a bit of a twist on the traditional hill climb as it involves going straight up extremely steep hills. The winner is determined based on who can climb the farthest, or if more than one person makes it to the top, then who did it the fastest. This version of hill climbing emerged in the early 1980’s, and has gained a following in the United States and parts of Europe such as Austria and France. Austria is known for holding one of the largest motorcycle hill climbs in Rachau which attracts international attention and has since inspired many events and races. The races require a serious level of bravery and due to their dangerous nature can be heavily restricted or even prohibited in certain regions. Riders should practice and ensure to take all necessary safety measures if they choose hill climb as their race of choice.

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