Founded in 1997, The West Cork Motorcycle Club has seen a great success and has gained over one hundred members annually, from all over the Cork county and Kerry. The club is where motorcycle enthusiasts get together to promote the sport and all of its aspects. It hosts events for older machines as well as speed events, off road events, charity events and social events for members.

There are three vintage events which include the the Ball in spittle run, which takes place in June, and the October run, which takes in October, and finally, the Tim o league run which is in July. In terms of speed events, the club is ahead of many others and offers many events. The West Cork Motorcycle CLub is the only club in the country that runs drag races. The races are open to all types of bikes.

The support of Bandon staff ensure five successful events at this location. In addition to these events there are two hill climbs for members as well ; one in Clonakilty at Twohig’s hill which has been going on for five years and the other is the more recent run which takes place in Roberts cove. There are even some members who are able to compete both in short circuit racing in the UK and doing both hill climbs and drag races here.

Membership is easy to sign up for, affordable and offers great benefits including events, access to an amazing community and network, as well as insight and information on the sport.