About Drag Racing

motorcycle-drag-racingthe West Cork Motorcycle Club is one of the only clubs in the country that offers drag racing. This type of race is hard to find in many parts of the world for many reasons, perhaps due to its deemed dangerous nature, or difficulty. Motorcycle drag racing is often also referred to as “Sprints”. The race involves two participants and their bikes beginning their race at the start of a pre determined location, usually a dragstrip, which is a facility created for racing, often a quarter mile in length but can also be one eight instead. There is a marked starting line, and when given the signal, the two racers gain speed and race along the two lane track. There is someone keeping track of the drivers’ time and speed, which are both monitored and recorded. The first cyclist to reach the marked finish line is deemed the winner.

There are several types of drag racing which include:

-Pro Stock Bike, which is the most popular and well known

– 1000 Horsepower, which is full of adrenaline and speed focused

– Nitromethane engine exists as well which is much more rare but still riveting.

In addition there is sometimes a ‘Top Fuel category’ where methane and nitro methane bikes with impressive horsepower race. These engines allow the bikes to destroy the first 60 feet of the race in under one second and over 200mph in 660 feet or less (that is one eight of a mile). There are competitions all over the world for cyclists and enthusiasts who want to be known for their speed and racing abilities. It is currently a Swedish racer who has the world record for drag racing having completed a quarter mile in approximately 5.7 seconds all the way back in 2012.Competition is fierce and cyclists take these races seriously, fighting to be the best in the world

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